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  • Posted by Kingsman , on 21/05/2016, @ 05:12pm


    Steam running on the PS4 (Video)

    Source: Wololo

    This video went majorly unnoticed when it was initially published a month ago, but /talk member OsirisX pointed out earlier today that he has been able to run Steam on the PS4, with games running at reasonable framerates.

    This is not SteamOS on PS4 yet, but it’s still Steam and its games running on your console.
    In the video, OsirisX showcases game Bastion, running from Steam on the PS4, at a playable framerate (OsirisX states most games run fine with mid to low graphic settings).

    This all works through a build of ARCH Linux. OsirisX gave the precision that he compiled and installed the 3D Drivers provided by Fail0verflow as part of their Linux PS4 project. (these drivers’ patches can be found here).

    As for everything “Linux PS4” so far, in order to run this you’ll need to have a 1.76 PS4 for now, running a PS4 Jailbreak. Recent news indicate that the joy of Linux and hacks might come to PS4 3.50 in the near future, but nothing’s guaranteed at this point unless you have a 1.76 PS4.


    This statement from OSirisX comes in the context of many PS4 users trying to get Ubuntu to run with hardware acceleration on the PS4. Running Linux on the PS4 has been a possibility for some time now, but there’s no “all in one” user friendly distrib yet that lets one run hardware acceleration or Steam. This might change soon. Follow the thread for details.


    Source: YouTube & Wololo

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