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  • Posted by Kingsman , on 20/11/2015, @ 07:13am


    "A Redditor has gotten his hands on some information revealing that the PS2 titles that come with the bundle have actually been emulated natively on the PlayStation 4 with trophy support.
    He was able to locate Star Wars Bounty Hunter trophies on his PSN ID emulated on PS4. Here’s a very detailed account of all the evidence that the guy in question was able to siphon out of the whole situation." - Sarmad Lillah

    Below is the quoted Reddit post made by the user 'Krvavi_Abadas':
    So, a bit of backstory. You have may have remembered that a while back, Sony revealed that the Star Wars PS4 bundles would include, alongside Battlefront. 4 classic Star Wars games, 1 SNES {Which we'll get onto later} and, more importantly, 3 PS2 games.

    So, they came out today. Albeit exclusive to the bundle. While i don't own the bundle, i was able to find a Twitch streamer {This dude: http://twitch.tv/adrian595juan So go and thank him for this discovery. his PSN ID is the same as his Twitch ID. So you can also check that if you want proof he was actually playing it.} streaming it.So... What i did learn from him?

    The game still shows the PS2 Controller in the options menu! {Sorry for the bad quality.}I highly doubt Sony would approve of a port so lazy, that it still shows the PS2 controller in menus. So most likely, it's running on a PS2 emulator. A PS2 emulator that just so happens to have been heavily rumored since launch.

    With evidence like...
    So how does Super Star Wars tie into this? Well, It's the only game in the classic Bundle that was properly released on the PSN store this week.Which leads me to believe that Sony is deliberately delaying the rest, to be released when they properly reveal PS2 classic support.

    TL;DR: The PS2 Star Wars games in the PS4 bundle appear to be running on the heavily rumored PS2 classics emulator, and their release outside the bundle has been suspiciously delayed.Edit: Since the thread just reached NeoGAF, i suppose i should take some time to answer a few questions from there.

    "Wait, do they actually run at a higher resolution? I'll definitely pick up Bounty Hunter if they've put some work into it."

    Seems like it, while they didn't change the aspect ratio on any of these (So no added Widescreen) There's a screenshot that got leaked on Twitter several hours before i found the stream: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CT4wDZ8VAAAR9-b.png:orig Which looks like it's rendering at a higher resolution than the original. Doesn't seem there's any anti-aliasing, though. Though that might just be Twitter compression screwing up the image. Here's that dude's twitter profile: https://twitter.com/ExtremeGamer/status/666022632429498369

    "I didn't think it was nice to copy and paste the users whole post, I'll just add yours to the op"

    No dude, i don't really care. The other dude's post seems like a better explanation. though.

    "It just proves that they have a working emulator and that the game is an exact disc iso. The games I assume are wrapped in an emulator similar to the Arcade Archives. Having trophies shows that they are able to watch memory addresses just like the Arcade Archives."

    Really though? You think they'd just make a PS2 emulator for those 3 titles and absolutely nothing else? I highly doubt Sony would just leave it dormant. Especially considering the PEGI ratings for other PS2 titles on PS4.

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    1. stayhye
      08:10 AM

      So, let me get this straight....anyone really think Sony doesn't have a PS1, PS2, PSP, and possibly Vita emulators just ready and waiting to be put into a PS4 firmware update? Yet, a bunch of regular everyday programmers have been writing emulators for these systems for years without any inside information, just reverse engineering? I ran ps1 emus on Pentium 2 PCs. They just want the system(PS4) to seem like its evolving, and have new features to add when the competition backs them into a corner. They could have added all Playstation family support from launch, but that would have only been a plus for their longtime consumers...nobody else, so not that important.

    2. peterthelemon
      09:01 AM

      Yet another money grab is coming. I just hope they allow us to dl already purchased games like the vitas ps1 games, i am worried that they will make us pay all over again. This may stop my ps4 from being the useless paperweight it has been for the past year.

    3. Isleofdoom
      02:45 PM

      This system actualy shows signs of all the support for all PS systems including 3 I know they said it codnt handle it but infact it can with the hw support it is using and this isnt every day programmers it's easy to tell who's adding this support to the system if you follow the trails

    4. zombie_hunter214
      08:21 PM

      Hell nah sony. Just give me old PS3 COD games. Good enough for me.

    5. Isleofdoom
      09:14 PM

      Who said anything abot Sony? Game Dev's are seperate from Sony Corp

    6. crazelunatic
      03:51 AM

      Im all for popping the disc in, getting a digital download and needing the disc to authenticate the game on your hdd (or internet connection linked to your psn account) Dont want to wear out lens playing ps2 games Lol.

    7. LiteSoul
      02:02 AM

    8. jonuts82
      11:18 PM

      Why the hell is this on the front page like it's epic news? Leak? lmao. Yes PS2 and PS3 games are on PS4 on the playstation store.

    9. chr15m
      01:50 PM

      looks like site has gone awol old news front paged

    10. Sidewinder_2011
      04:53 PM

      jonuts82 wrote:
      Why the hell is this on the front page like it's epic news? Leak? lmao. Yes PS2 and PS3 games are on PS4 on the playstation store.

      Maybe look at the date. When it was posted and u will see its was posted 4 months ago.

    11. underwurlde
      05:18 PM

      chr15m wrote:
      looks like site has gone awol old news front paged
      Indeed it did! All my deleted PMs suddenly reappeared.

      Any heads up as to what happened to this website.


    12. Sidewinder_2011
      05:27 PM

      underwurlde wrote:
      Indeed it did! All my deleted PMs suddenly reappeared.

      Any heads up as to what happened to this website.


      The database got rolled back because some idiot, posted loads of dicks on the front page and moved over 1000 threads in to the offtopic section

    13. underwurlde
      08:13 PM

      Hmmm. Don't need to guess who was behind that.