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  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/01/2015, @ 05:45pm


    The Elder Scrolls yesterday dropped its monthly premium subscription model and is now going to a similar route that Guild Wars has as a buy-to-play. For those unfamiliar, you buy the game once and can play the MMO online for free as long as you like.

    Bethedsa also announced that the game was coming to next gen consoles, and would be available for PS4 this June

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    1. Jawadalgharbi
      07:57 PM

      Am I able to hack cod games on ps4?

    2. d3ad
      08:27 AM

      good move actually, leave the pay to play stuff to WoW.

    3. Jitsuryoku
      07:47 PM

      "drops subscription", huh? Great 1 subscription (PSN) to pay instead of 2.... Better , I suppose, but still not buy-to-play.