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  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 16/12/2014, @ 06:14am


    We don't know if its the fans or haters almost who are saying that they are disappointed by the visuals. But the reality is the game is in its early stages and even Dualshockers tried to explain it and called it
    'Shameful display of ignorance'.
    No we are not giving you another few paragraphs or another article explaining the same thing. Instead we are sharing this video provided by NX Gamer who describes in detail everything from the Uncharted 4 gameplay demo. Make your own assumptions after seeing it.
    And the good thing is it is only gonna improve from here not get downgraded like Watch Dogs. We can expect to have a more polished game next year. No downgrades, it's just heading up from here on out.

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    1. r3l1c
      12:30 PM

      well .. I've seen the videos ... and I'm ok with what i've seen ... watching this video without sound ... i see no issues

      so .. .pardon for my arrogance.. but If you wish to make a point .. make it... instead of posting video and saying something nothing.. in the end