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  • Posted by Pirate , on 15/12/2014, @ 12:24am


    There is a great deal going on for a new PS4 from Target view their new Cartwheel mobile app to receive a 15% discount off a PS4 console (any bundle), and a $20 PSN card.


    Download the Cartwheel by Target mobile app to your phone.
    Login or create an account.
    Search for "Playstation 4", find the coupon and hit the ADD button.
    Show your barcode at checkout and save 15%.

    Apparently if you have a Target Red Card you can get a +5% off as well.

    Via reddit:

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    1. James T Kirk
      01:10 AM

      Saw this posted on SD.

      Good deal. I regularly use cartwheel and get HUGE deals, especially combined with target and manufacturer coupons.
      I also have a red card. I thought that I'd point out that the red card %5 is AFTER any other discounts. Therefore %5 of the 339.99, NOT the full 399.99

      So the math ends up being:

      - %15 cartwheel
      - %5 red card
      322.99 + tax

      Figured I'd spell it out for those who aren't familiar with the way the target red card works.

    2. Mackdanny
      07:00 AM

      What market?