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  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 11/12/2014, @ 06:03am


    The excitement when you buy a new console is just amazing. but the box you just opened up may not receive the same amount of Playtime like your last console did. Why? Because every generation the number of games released is decreasing
    The original PlayStation(2418) and PlayStation 2(3870) had 6288 games in total. The PS3 just had 795 and the PS4 in its very first year just have 77(Disc Based) games.If you compare it to PS2 which had 136 games in its first year.
    So the question is why is This Happening? IF the gaming industry is rising, why the number of games made are decreasing?

    The only answer is Increasing Development Costs. Average PS2 game costed $5-$10 million and the original PlayStation costed just $0.8 million-$1.7( source edge-online ) per game.
    The below chart will explain it all

    So this is why we wont see number of games for PS4 going much higher like PS2 and PS1 sadly even after Sony and Microsoft both tried to reduce the development costs by putting x86 architecture Processor in their consoles. Yeah it will take less time to make a PS4 game then a PS3 game usually took but still the power and resources that are needed to make upcoming games are simply way much higher than PS3, PS2 and PS1 ever needed.

    But lets not loose all hope. Indie studios are doing a great job then ever before .NO MAN’S SKY,Don't Starve, Limbo and ROAD NOT TAKEN are just to name a few. The depth of commitment can't be matched and Sony is really trying to push it hard this time.In the end they just might save the day.
    Long Live Gaming. Long Live HAX

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    1. ruroni
      07:00 AM

      Well I'm a gamer from the 80's have a bunch of consoles/games and of course all the $ONY consoles.

      Like you have written, I think we get less games cause of budgets and nowadays the games are like big blockbusters movies - if they succeed keep or improve them - if not...well lets work for 2 to 3 years in a new strategy/innovation!! And we are getting less variety (same style just different names - tweaked here and there)...few cancelled...and more!!
      Love METRO Last Light with just a fraction of the budget of most games (and some so bad but with a big budget).

      But I thought in total PS3 would have got more games then those (including the ones that only got in Japan)...but ok :) since 2006 till now...about 78 games per year...
      PS1/PS2 in 3 to 4 years passed that...easily!! :)

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