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  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 10/12/2014, @ 04:14am


    Sony is trying to start a riot in London by selling the PS4 for just $19.94.

    Well Here's how you can get it.
    Sony will be selling limited edition 20th anniversary Playstation 4s for an extremely low price of $19.94.
    This deal will be available in London tomorrow (December 10th) in Sony’s special “Playstation ’94 shop’ on Bethnal Green Road.

    However, turning up with a $20 note is not enough for Sony to part with a limited edition console, instead you will also have to bring a PS1 controller in addition to anything Playstation-related from the 1990’s (i.e. a Gran Turismo 1 poster) and then you will have to say the secret password “I crashed my Bandicoot.” It is unknown if Sony will actually take the PS1 controller and the Playstation 1990’s memorabilia or if they just want to see it to make sure they are selling the console to a loyal Playstation fan.

    Due to the economics of selling a very expensive system for such a low price, Sony will only have 94 PS4s (get it?) available for $19.94. On December 11th and December 12th the store will be selling the limited edition PS4s for $399.


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