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  • WHY

    Posted by Sidewinder_2011 , on 08/06/2018, @ 12:03am


    why am i still a mod after my news post lmfao, you owners don't care, so instead of hiding my most post , just remove me. this site is not why i was here for many years.

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    1. pauline45
      10:02 PM

      the site is not the same now everybody seems to leave and do other things now nothing up to date or news about ps4 and ps3 stuff seems to me its falleng apart ps3 hax

    2. Sidewinder_2011
      11:42 PM

      @pauline45 ps3hax would of been been up to date with news by me, but when the site is fuked and can't write news because the owners don't care to fix it . then many many to many months done the line they sort it. too late so i wrote that post for news. i only check this places when I'm bored and drunk.

      your right the place is not the same. also all my ps3's are collecting dust under stairs and I'm loving playing my xbox one, trying to kick arse on PUBG

    3. xanadu247
      01:20 PM

      Lots of time and effort has been put into this site by a lot of us. Leaving this forum or moving to another isn't a solution.

      Can mods and members not try to make this forum better, irregardless of who runs it? I think with a little effort it can be done.

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    4. Rosetta7555
      04:59 AM

      A mod posting so negative doesn't help much either. Lack of confidence only dampens things more don't you think?

    5. baileyscream
      10:13 PM

      its beyond a joke here isn't it
      i only come on when genuine people ask or need help
      im not here for the site but the users only

      sidewinder_2011 xanadu24 i class you both as really good friends and i hate to side with one against the other but sidewinder is right. the owners have no interest in what goes on in this site. pirate really did a number on his members and staff when he sold it to these idiots
      and when the owners have no interest then how are the mods supposed to do there jobs with zero help and support

      the site need a lot more than a little effort from people that give there free time to help. it needs real solid backing and presence from its owners
      i haven't seen this and tbh i haven't even seen kingsman interact with anyone since pirates last days on here so hes just as bad as the site owners imho

    6. pimpo911
      05:42 PM

      i used to come here for ps4 news before any updates, not anymore as u guys dont update anymore.