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  • Posted by PS3Hax News , on 15/02/2017, @ 08:47pm



    Article Title: PS4 4.50 Hack Rumor
    Original Release Date: Feb 15th. 2017
    Author: Wololo
    Source: Wololo
    Quote via WOLOLO:

    User racer0018 on scene website psxhax...

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    1. tonyle3k
      03:30 AM

      Still waiting patiently....

    2. clayr08
      04:30 AM

      tonyle3k wrote:
      Still waiting patiently....

      dont wait that is like watching paint dry, forget and then everyone will know when it ready

    3. amshy
      05:01 AM

      I want to buy "PS4 Pro"! is it mean that it can be jailbroken in future or i have to buy old PS4?

    4. playerkp420
      07:09 AM

      amshy wrote:
      I want to buy "PS4 Pro"! is it mean that it can be jailbroken in future or i have to buy old PS4?

      My crystal ball is cracked, and my time machine needs a new flux capacitor.

      So unless someone releases something, and we read it in the news on respected sites. Nobody can give you a positive answer.


    5. clayr08
      09:01 AM

      it takes many years and lots of smart people and after the ps5 is released the ps modding community might still be trying to hack the ps4 pro or just bypass it and figure the regular ps4 being jail broken is good enough and focus on the ps5

      you can not expect anyone to know the future

      but if you found a way to became the worlds first trillionaire you could buy sony and tell them to give you everything the modding community needs to fully access the ps4 pro and then tell sony not to release any updates in a effort to stop us... well besides time travel there is that

    6. moskvichh
      12:04 PM

      Hi friends!
      Can anybody advice, where i can register to become beta tester in hacking PS4?
      About myself: good knowlege of soldering (Nand PS3 + ProgsKeet), years in console hacking (PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, PSP. PS Vita).

    7. vlad5s
      04:58 PM

      To be honest, $ony are asking for it with that 4.50 firmware allowing you to load apps and move them to external usb storage. Most likely, we may be able to transfer games to exthdd, share them, edit lic.dat or whatever to test user so that you can run it. I mean, all we need to do now is either get banned and enjoy world of solo pirated games or find yet another way to emulate bdrom.